Brandi Glanville ‘Upset’ Amid Caroline Manzo Claims

Brandy Glanville is ‘very upset’ amid claims she inappropriately kissed and touched co-star carolina manzo while filming Real Housewives Ultimate Girls TripGlanville’s lawyer duncan levinexclusive account In contact.

“This is devastating and, frankly, it is so unjustified,” the lawyer says of the accusations. “She is very committed to making sure the truth comes out.”

Manzo, 61, and Glanville, 50, stopped filming RHUGT in Marrakech, Morocco, after an alleged “unjustified” kiss took place between them, a source said People in January 2023.

Another source later said page six that Glanville allegedly “put his hands on Caroline’s breast area and vaginal area” in February 2023. However, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum apparently denied the claims via Twitter on February 6, writing: “Check your sources, people!”

Meanwhile, Manzo has not commented publicly on the subject.

Brandi Glanville Is 'Very Upset' Amid Caroline Manzo's 'RHUGT' Claims: 'This Is Devastating'
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“Cast and crew safety during filming is extremely important and we take all reports very seriously,” Peacock and RHUGT production company, Shed Media, said in a statement to People about the incident of February 5. “In this situation, the production immediately launched a comprehensive review and is taking appropriate action.”

Levin later sent Warner Brothers a letter demanding that they release audio and video documenting the alleged incident.

“The truth is going to come out. I just think it’s cynical to save all of that for a release date to try to increase viewership for a TV show,” Levin, who represents other high-profile clients including ana delvey and Wiz Khalifa – says In contact. “I think companies have a responsibility when such serious allegations have been brought forward to set the record straight.”

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He also tells In Touch that it’s a “problem” that the footage hasn’t been released. “At the center of this are very serious accusations and we do not have the tapes that will clearly prove that nothing bad happened,” explains the lawyer. “Companies are really taking this as clickbait.”

Levin notes that “it’s been extremely disappointing” that he hasn’t heard back from Warner Brothers or Shed Media about the footage.

After the allegations surfaced, Glanville was conspicuously absent from the reunion taping of the first season of his other show, the traitors.

Noting that the claims have caused “reputational damage” for Glanville, Levin adds that the allegations will likely negatively affect his career and cause “loss of wages.”

Brandi Glanville Is 'Very Upset' Amid Caroline Manzo's 'RHUGT' Claims: 'This Is Devastating'
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“It is quite obvious that there are a number of business opportunities and other opportunities that she will never be able to take advantage of due to these completely defamatory accusations,” he says. “It’s obvious that she will spend her life having to answer for this and that is why we are so eager for her to know the truth.”

Manzo’s representative rejected In contactrequest for comments.

Peacock, Warner Brothers and Bravo did not respond to In contactrequest for comments. Shed Media was not accessible.

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