Big Ed and Liz’s Relationship Timeline

The second time is the charm! 90 day fiance star Ed “Big Ed” Brown he is engaged to an on-again, off-again girlfriend Elizabeth “Liz” Woodsbut the news of their engagement came as a shock to fans, coming just four months after their dramatic and emotional split took place on the 90 days: the single life Season 1 reveal in May 2021.

“I’ve been in a black hole for the last six weeks because I recently broke up with my girlfriend,” Ed told his stylist in a scene filmed in April 2021, which is when he cut off his trademark long locks after their split. and he started to get excited. “It sucks and the hardest thing is when you have to admit to yourself that she’s not the one and it’s hard to walk away.”

Ed talked more about how he was dealing with the breakup from Liz in his confessional. “This breakup is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. I feel like I gave my heart away again and failed,” he explained.

The San Diego native made his reality television debut in February 2020 on season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Dayswhile documenting his journey to meet his girlfriend online at the time, Rosemarie “Rose” Vegafor the first time in person. Unfortunately, their journey ended in heartbreak when they got separated in a tense scene in the series.

Ed returned to the franchise in the discovery+ spin-off, the single life, in February 2021, where he shared his journey as he continued to find love. She introduced Liz in the season as her new crush.

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“Nine months after breaking up with Rose, I met Liz,” he gushed on the November 12, 2021, season 2 premiere of the single life. “A 28-year-old waitress at my favorite restaurant in San Diego. She loved her eyes, she loved his hair, he was captivated. I loved, you know, being around her.”

Ed explained that he was “so afraid to be friends with the zone” that he “moved too fast” in their relationship. “I felt rejected but she gave me another chance and luckily it turned romantic,” the photographer continued. “I had a crush on Liz and we went from zero to 100. I asked Liz to move in with me and I bought a ring and I was going to ask her to marry me but it never happened because we both had luggage.”

The interior designer said he felt “very insecure” about being in love again after his breakup with Rose at the time, and it led to his relationship with Liz being very on-and-off. “In total, we broke up about eight times,” he admitted. “Last time, it was forever.”

But was it? Keep scrolling below for Big Ed and Liz’s full relationship timeline!

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