Bartise Bowden Son’s Mother Revealed

Love is blind season 3 star Bartise Bowden shocked fans when he revealed on Friday, April 7, that he had a son.

“He could have been the villain on TV, but I will be the hero for him. Instagram he meets my little man,” the reality star shared via Instagram along with a series of photos of the “big friend.”

In another slide, the Dallas resident turned the camera on his son and revealed that the little boy’s name is Aiden. Fans were immediately curious about the identity of Aiden’s mother and flooded the comments section to ask.

“I’m going to need you internet sleuths to figure this out,” one follower commented on Bartise’s big ad. “Someone tag me when they find out who the mother is,” added another.

Bartise Son Mother

Read on for everything we know about Bartise’s son, Aiden, and Aiden’s mom.

Who is the mother of Bartise Bowden’s child?

Bartise welcomed her son at the age of 25 olivia gross, In contact You can confirm. According to court records consulted by In contactthe Netflix personality filed documents on April 3. There is an open case related to her newborn son.

When was Bartise’s son born?

Another question on the minds of many fans was the timeline of the events, as Netflix viewers recently watched Bartise’s search for love during season 3 of the dating experiment, as well as season 1 of The perfect couple.

“Math is not mathematics. She did two shows in a row, wouldn’t that mean she’s gone? [a] pregnant girl at home to go find someone else on a dating show? a fan questioned under her ad.

Season 3 of Love is blind launched on the streaming service between October and November 2022, with the after the altar special drop in February 2023, just a week before The perfect couple started airing.

While Bartise only publicly revealed the existence of her son on April 7, the baby was born on December 27, 2022.

“Little nugget is 1 month old today,” Olivia shared via social media in January. “He is already rolling and raising his head. He’s already in 3 month old clothes (he’s been around a week and a half). He is 9 pounds 15 ounces as of last Tuesday.”

While the timeline seems to overlap, his season of Love is blind – who saw him get engaged to nancy rodriguez – was filmed in the summer of 2021. The perfect couple filmed in Panama in March 2022.

Are Bartise and Olivia dating?

Bartise has not commented publicly on the status of their relationship, however, on Sunday April 9, he apparently launched a new woman into his life.

“Happy Easter everyone!” he wrote via an Instagram story about a photo of him relaxing on the couch with her dog, while a female hand can be seen resting on the dog’s back. “Stay on this couch all day while I watch the Masters.”

Neither Olivia nor Bartise immediately responded to in contact comment request.

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