Are Rosanna and Johnny Still Together?

Are you going strong? go back to the amish star rosana miller introduced fans to her boyfriend, johnny detweilerduring season 7. The couple had a whirlwind romance and welcomed their first child together in 2022. Keep scrolling to find out if Rosanna and Johnny are still together and get updates on their relationship.

When did ‘Return to Amish’ stars Rosanna Miller and Johnny Detweiler start dating?

Viewers first met Rosanna during season 6 of go back to the amishwhich aired in 2021.

She and Johnny began dating sometime after she stopped filming season 6, while he made his reality television debut in the following season.

Since becoming a romantic fixture, both Rosanna and Johnny have left their Amish lifestyle behind and are living by more modern standards in the English world.

However, the decision was not easy for the couple. Rosanna was open about her interest in exploring a life in Florida, while Johnny initially expected her to stay in Pennsylvania with him.

“I just hope that she’s willing to continue being Amish for me,” he said during a confessional during Season 7. “The Amish, they don’t want us to see the outside world, they don’t want us to taste it.”

When did ‘Return to Amish’ stars Rosanna Miller and Johnny Detweiler welcome their baby?

The couple announced that they are expecting baby number 1 in 2021.

Rosanna later revealed in March 2022 that she gave birth to their daughter, Clara Rose. “The girl is here,” the TLC personality wrote via Instagram along with photos of her daughter.

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Are ‘Return to Amish’ stars Rosanna Miller and Johnny Detweiler still together?

Despite starring on a reality show, Rosanna and Johnny haven’t shared much information about the current status of their relationship.

However, it can be assumed that they are still together. Johnny is featured in Rosanna’s private Instagram profile picture, while her bio also explains that he is happily in a relationship.

“Taken by the best,” says her biography, along with a black heart. “LIFE [TOO] BRIEF TO BE ANYTHING BUT HAPPY.”

Are 'Return to Amish' stars Rosanna and Johnny still together?  Relationship Updates After Welcoming Baby No. 1
Courtesy of Johnny Detweiler/YouTube

Do ‘Return to Amish’ stars Rosanna Miller and Johnny Detweiler want more kids?

Rosanna apparently loves motherhood, though she and Johnny have no plans to expand their family anytime soon.

The reality star doesn’t want to get pregnant for at least three years, according to Soap dirt.

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