Are Mike and Natalie Divorced? Update

Are mike youngquist and Natalia Mordovtseva divorced? The couple’s marital problems played out in season 6 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and she shared her dating journey on 90 days: the single life, while he apparently went ahead with Marcia “Brazil” Alves. Keep scrolling below to find out if they’re still married or together and to find out where they stand today in 2022!

Did ’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Mike and Natalie file for divorce?

As In contact previously reported, Mike and Natalie have been separated since early 2021. In contact can confirm that neither Mike nor Natalie have filed for divorce as of April 2023. According to court records, they have not filed paperwork in Washington nor in his new home state of Florida. A Clallam County court clerk also confirmed to In contact that there is no divorce in progress.

Why did Mike and Natalie break up?

The former couple have documented almost their entire journey on TLC. Fans have seen Mike and Natalie clash before she arrived in America on 90 day fiance season 7, then its dramatic 90-day countdown to their wedding, which Mike called off the morning only to agree to marry days later, the 90 day fiance season 8. By the time they returned for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 6, their marriage was already on the rocks and viewers were witnessing the beginning of the end.

Previously in HEA? Season 6 documented their trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving 2020 with Mike’s mom, Trish. During her stay, Natalie felt uncomfortable and unwelcome by her mother-in-law and the tension reached a peak for her when Natalie claimed that Trish called her a “hooker”.

90 Day Fiancé Mike Youngquist Natalie Mordovtseva Have Been Separated For Months
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The Ukraine native confronted Trish the morning she and Mike were ready to head back home to Washington, making for an awkward ride as Trish drove them to the airport. At the door, Natalie walked past Mike and Trish and didn’t say goodbye to her mother-in-law. Since then, the tension between Mike and Natalie continued to build until it reached the boiling point.

During a July 2021 episode, Mike and Natalie got into a huge fight while filming their joint confessional interview. Natalie brought up Mike’s mother and her supposed “hooker” comment, and Mike insisted that Natalie call her mother on the phone to clear things up. While on the speakerphone, Trish flatly denied calling Natalie a “hooker.” Natalie asked Trish for her honest opinion of her as a daughter-in-law and why she felt that way, and Trish confirmed that she was upset with Natalie for the way she treats her son.

After Trish hung up, Mike dropped a huge bombshell when he revealed that he had a huge fight with Natalie on Christmas Eve 2020 that resulted in her leaving to stay with her friend, Julia, in Seattle.

The Sequim, Washington native later revealed that when Natalie left, she took all the gifts he bought her and gave them to her friend. “Who did I marry, Natalie? I’m being loving and supportive of you, you [are] disrespectful, I don’t care, I’d rather hang out with your friends all night,” Mike said, revealing that Natalie had only spent one night with him since Christmas. Natalie explained that she has her own room at her friend’s house and stayed there for three weeks because she and Mike “fought a lot” and Natalie still believed that Trish was insulting her even though Trish denied it. Their argument continued to get so heated that Mike stormed off the set.

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90 Day Fiancé Tells Everyone Mike That Mom Tried To Stop Natalie's Wedding
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Are Mike and Natalie dating other people?

Natalie went on to document her journey back onto the dating scene. in seasons 2 and 3 from the spin-off discovery+ 90 days: the single life. She went on several dates and eventually stumbled across a potential long-term suitor, the CEO of a modeling agency, joseph weinstein.

Mike has sparked dating rumors. with ex Rock of Love Bus star Marcia. The VH1 alum shared photos via Instagram of her and Mike looking cozy while spending time together in Las Vegas, Nevada in September 2021. Almost a year later, Marcia shared more photos with 90 day fiance alum, once again hanging out in Sin City.

“What an amazing weekend!” shared in August 2022, along with photos from her eventful weekend in Las Vegas and added the hashtags, #GreatWeekend, #MissYouYa. “It’s sad that it’s over, see you soon.”

After about eight months of dating, the couple split in April 2023, and a rep for Mike told him exclusively In contact the reason for their breakup.

“The distance and professional obligations for both have always been a problem, but the friendship remains,” said Mike’s representative, Howard “Howie” Woodsaid In contact. “There’s no bad blood between these two, it is what it is.”

Why do fans think Mike and Natalie are getting back together?

In the single life Season 3, Natalie reunited with her ex-husband. “I hope I can decide who I want to spend the rest of my life with,” Natalie said in her confessional about her face-to-face reconciliation. The scene then cuts to her arrival at Mike’s farm in Sequim, Washington, which In contact confirmed it was put up for sale in June 2022, with flowers. Mike came out to greet her and her exes hugged each other in a very sweet hug.

While Mike and Natalie have yet to reconcile, the former flames first sparked the rumor of a potential reconciliation in May 2022 after the Ukraine native took to her Instagram Stories to apparently take a photo with the dog she she and Mike previously adopted while they were together.

In August, the single life alum further ignited the buzz when she took to Instagram to reminisce about the moment she first connected with Mike online.

“Seven years ago today I replied to your boy: ‘Thank you for your good wishes for my country!’” she wrote alongside a beloved early photo of the ancient llamas. “And it changed my life forever…”

Fans quickly flooded the comment sections with questions about the former TLC couple’s relationship status.

“Have you guys gotten back together?” a fan asked Natalie after seeing the photo of her with Mike. “[Maybe] We never separated… [woman shrugging emoji],” She answered.

Fans continued to watch and Mike and Natalie reunited on season 3 of 90 days: the single life for the first time, nearly a year since she left her marital home in Sequim, Washington. Natalie told her estranged husband that she wanted to come home and give her marriage a second chance, but Mike didn’t seem to want to give her marriage another chance.

“She’s sorry, but I’m not going to put myself in a situation where I give her my heart back and she just rips it out,” he said in his confessional. When asked by a producer if he would let Natalie back, Mike shook his head no.

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