Are Kris and Jeymi Still Together?

90 day fiance fans will see how Cris Foster and fiancee Jaime NogueraThe relationship of takes place during season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: To the Other Side. But are Kris and Jeymi still together? Read on for everything we know about your current marital status.

Who are Kris and Jeymi from 90 Day Fiance?

The international couple was first introduced to TLC viewers in the middle of season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Sidewhich premiered on January 29, 2023.

“I’m 40 and I’m going to be 20, because that’s how I feel,” Kris said during a confessional. “And so do I.”

The Alabama native has been married twice and has two grown children, daughter Starr and son Dayne.

“I was never happy,” he confessed, adding that he saw a “crazy ad” online for an international dating website. “I have a soul mate of that. It just so happens that she is a woman.

After meeting online and establishing a virtual relationship, the couple met in person for the first time in Jeymi’s home country of Colombia, as Kris prepares to abandon her life in the United States and move south.

“I’ve waited 40 years to be openly in a relationship with a woman,” Kris said as she packed for her big move. “I don’t want to wait any longer. So, I have decided to move to Bogotá”.

Will Kris and Jeymi from 90 Day Fiance get married?

Just days after meeting in person for the first time, the couple is supposed to tie the knot.

“We both wanted to get married as soon as possible, and this was the first date the venue had,” Kris explained, noting that they agreed to the nuptials before meeting in person for the first time.

The reality star continued: “I’m not at all nervous about doing what everyone else thinks is crazy.”

Despite her children being hesitant about her decision to move to another country, Kris explained: “I got pregnant at 16. The first time I had an intimate relationship. I have lived for my children, but now is the time to have my own life.”

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It’s unclear if Kris and Jeymi made it down the aisle, but Kris remained confident in her decision to marry Jeymi.

“I’m just a woman who waited too long to be brave enough to stand up for herself and live her life the way she wanted to,” her Instagram bio reads. “Now I am finally free!!!”

What is narcolepsy?

With the couple planning to get married in a short period of time, Jeymi confessed that one of her fears was that she didn’t know how Kris’s narcolepsy condition would affect their relationship.

“She can fall asleep at any moment,” the brunette beauty revealed during the February 5, 2023 episode, before confirming that the mother-of-two could suddenly fall asleep in the middle of a phone call. “It happened to me with her.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes people to feel very sleepy during the day, causing them to suddenly fall asleep. The condition can cause serious problems in your daily life when it comes to working and driving.

“It’s complicated because I don’t know how I can react to certain things,” Jeymi continued. “I don’t know how to tell when she’s going to fall asleep. So I really have no idea what it’s like when she’s here.”

Are Kris and Jeymi from 90 Day Fiance still together?

While it’s unclear if the couple officially tied the knot, Jeymi and Kris are apparently still going strong.

According to Jeymi’s unverified Facebook profile, she is “in a relationship.” Although her relationship status does not specify who she is in a relationship with, TLC personalities follow each other on Instagram.

Kris’s Instagram also hints that the couple is still together. On February 26, 2023, the US native took to social media to share sweet memories taken with Jeymi while she was in Colombia.

“Delicious Colombian food!!” Kris shared a collage of photos of the delicious meals he ate, also including a snap of his fiancée.

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