Are Kim, Dustin, Vinson Still Together?

Meant to be? kim allen brewer, dust allen and vinson cornett gave fans a glimpse of his family during the series premiere of I am looking for husband brother. Keep scrolling to learn about their relationships and find out if they’re still together.

How long have ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ stars Kim, Dustin and Vinson been together?

During the series premiere on March 27, 2023, Kim explained that she and Dustin have been together for 13 years. Meanwhile, Vinson is the first man Kim has been with since she and Dustin agreed that she could have multiple partners.

How do ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ stars Dustin and Vinson feel about Kim dating other men?

During a confessional, Dustin admitted that she initially thought her arrangement with Kim meant that she and Vinson would have “their own thing” that was separate from their relationship.

“But it seemed like all of a sudden our families were able to mesh so well with his daughters and my son,” Dustin continued of their dynamic. “It was really amazing that we all got along so well.”

The TLC personality explained that Vinson became his “best friend” and someone he could trust.

In his own confessional, Vinson shared that his and Dustin’s relationship got off to an awkward start because they felt “territorial” about their relationships with Kim. “But over time, I think we both realized that we have a genuine love for Kim,” he continued. “And that’s what really started to bring us together.”

“We were really becoming a family,” Vinson said.

However, he also admitted that it is “difficult” for him to see Kim with other men.

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Are ‘Seeking Brother Husband’ Stars Kim, Dustin and Vinson Still Together?

Kim revealed that she and Dustin are still together and encouraged her social media followers to tune in for the series premiere on March 26.

“My sweet hilarious man,” he captioned a video of Dustin singing an original song about the reality show. “I hope you tune in tonight!!”

Are 'Seeking Brother Husband' Stars Kim, Dustin and Vinson Still Together?  Relationship Updates

Meanwhile, Dustin shared a sweet photo of him and Kim kissing through his Instagram Stories on March 26.

While Kim and Dustin’s relationship appears to be strengthening, the status of his relationship with Vinson is unclear. She has not posted any recent photos or videos with him on Instagram, while Vinson’s Instagram account is set to private.

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