Are Kailyn Lowry and Elijah Scott Still Together? Split Rumors

Stay strong or keep going? teen mom 2 alum kailyn lowry and boyfriend Elijah Scott They’re Still Going Strong Despite Ongoing Split Rumors, Her Rep Exclusively Tells In contact. Read on for everything we know about their relationship, split rumors, and more.

Are Kailyn and Elijah still together?

Although a report dated March 7, Sun speculated that Kailyn and Elijah broke up, the Teenage mother the alum rep says In contact that the rumors of a split are inaccurate.

“This is false,” he says of the rumors. “Kail and Elijah are still together.”

When did Kailyn and Elijah start dating?

The former reality star and her boyfriend met when they moved into the same Delaware neighborhood and immediately hit it off.

“I had already bought my house and moved into my house before I knew this was his house,” Elijah said of their chance meeting during a June 2022 episode of his “Barely Famous” podcast.

The Pennsylvania native had previously dropped hints about her new man while keeping his identity a secret for months.

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry Reveals Her New Boyfriend For The First Time
Courtesy of Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

“My boyfriend and I send photos of Open Vitamins that we take every morning. He will send me a picture of himself and I will send him a picture of me,” Kail shared via social media in April 2022.

Why are there breakup rumors about Kailyn and Elijah?

The host of the “Coffee Convos” podcast sent out breakup rumors while chatting with Vee Rivera (née Torres) and married at first sight alum Chris GQ Perry.

“I’m having a difficult time in my relationships, I think, accepting a man who will provide and protect and do all of those things,” Kail said during the Tuesday, March 7 episode of “Baby Mamas, No Drama.” “I pay 100 percent of the bills at home and I pay for all my children. It would be very weird for me to be with someone who does those things.”

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The mother of four, who shares her son Isaac with her ex Jo Riverason Lincoln with ex-husband Javi Moroccanand sons Lux and Creed with ex Chris Lopez – went on to say that she “has no choice” but to take care of her own accounts.

“I feel like if it was my choice to pay all the bills, and that’s how it was, it would be more of a 50/50 split,” he added.

Kail’s comments drew attention as fans recalled that before going public with their relationship, Lopez announced on her “PTSD – Pressure Talks with Single Dads” podcast that her ex’s new man had moved into her house.

“[The kids] told me the guy lives with them,” he said in April 2022. “That baffled me, but I can’t control what [Kailyn does].”

As the trio discussed finances, Vee told her co-host that she needs “an alpha male to just walk in and say, ‘Honey, I’m paying for this,’ and that’s it.”

“You need someone to take the initiative, and I don’t think you’ve been with someone like that yet,” he added. Perry chimed in, saying, “I’m sure you’ll find someone amazing for you.”

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