Are Hazel and Tarik Still Together? ’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Update

Tarik Myers and hazelnut cagalitan first documented the peaks and pitfalls of their relationship during season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Days and then appeared in season 8 of FTAflagship series, 90 day fiance, to give his love a chance. But are they still together today? Get an update on the couple after their public split.

Did Tarik and Hazel part ways with 90 Day Fiance?

Tarik announced in December 2021 that he and the reality star had separated after 18 months of marriage. “Hazel doesn’t live with me anymore. she said that she is [in] another state with people I don’t know,” the Virginia Beach native wrote via his Instagram Story at the time. “She is going back to the Philippines. I know that [because] she has no other choice.

Hazel and Tarik parted ways with 90 Day Fiance?  Where do they meet in the middle of the relationship drama?
Tarik Myers/Instagram

With that said, the father-of-one asked followers to “leave her alone” and not to “attack” or “harass” her amid the news of their breakup.

However, it seems that their breakup was short-lived. By the time they returned to the franchise in an episode of the 90 day fiance cleave 90 day diaries in August 2021 they were together again. Officially completing their adjustment of status, the couple also communicated plans to immigrate their son, Harry, to Virginia Beach from the Philippines.

Tarik and Hazel made plans to fight for custody of their son

The reality TV couple shared another update on the Discovery+ series in May 2022, detailing that not much had changed regarding bringing Harry to America.

Hazel said that she previously agreed with her son’s father that once she settled in Virginia with Tarik, he would be allowed to live with her, but the Before 90 days alum claimed that he changed his mind. Now, the only other option for her is to fight for full custody of her only child.

“What is missing is my son,” he explained to the producers in a confessional. “I really miss my son.”

Detailing a lengthy international process, the couple spoke with Tarik’s friend, angela watsonwho turns out to be a family lawyer.

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“Based on what little I’ve read about Philippine law, you as the mother have full custody, by law, by birth because you’re not married to him,” Angela explained to the couple as they noted the paperwork. “I don’t know what kind of mischief he thinks he can get up to, but he’s full of rubbish.”

Tarik and Hazel from 90 Day Fiance
Courtesy Tarik Myers/Instagram

When did Hazel and Tarik get married?

In contact confirmed that the couple tied the knot on June 7, 2020 in Petersburg, Virginia, but the couple definitely had some issues to iron out before making it official.

Religious differences and a lack of trust previously put them in a difficult place. It didn’t help that he admitted to getting close to his ex-partner, mintduring season 8. However, aAfter he went all out for Hazel’s bachelorette party during an episode in March, fans were confident that they would finally become husband and wife.

The couple’s wedding ceremony was officiated by his good friend. angelaaccording to information In contact Obtained from Virginia Beach Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.

Are Hazel and Tarik still together?

Hazel and Tarik haven’t updated fans on TV screens, but fans believe the couple is apparently headed for an April 2023 split after Tarik took to Instagram to share that he was going where he was “appreciated, not tolerated.” “.

“When a man finds a purpose, he finds something good”, the 90 day fiance coed shared on April 8, 2023. “Pat yourself on the back when she doesn’t and keep winning.”

Fans were quick to speculate on the couple’s relationship status in the comments section.

“Well, it seems you can’t do [your] happy wife,” wrote one fan. “Maybe start by changing the wallpaper to something from the Philippines instead of Thailand?! I told you before what you had to do!!”

Tarik gave no clues and simply replied: “Ask him the truth. Guaranteed crickets.

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