Are Daniel, Maureen Still Together?

go back to the amish star maureen byler made her debut on season 6 of the TLC reality series and introduced her man, daniel byler, to the world as she prepared to leave her strict upbringing behind to follow her own dreams. The couple’s romance has remained strong in the time since the show, leading many to wonder if they are still together now. Keep scrolling for an update on Maureen and Daniel’s relationship.

Are Maureen and Daniel still engaged?

By all accounts, Maureen and Daniel are very much in love! The couple got engaged in July 2020, and Maureen has since gushed about her husband-to-be on multiple occasions, taking to social media from time to time to sing her praises. On January 5, 2022, she posted a series of photos of Daniel with the caption: “You are the one I need in my life. I love you,” along with a heart emoji. About a year earlier (just to show how strong her love is), Maureen commented, “I love you,” on a rodeo photo Daniel posted via Facebook. She also shared a photo with her love in December 2021 along with the message “forever” with a red heart emoji.

Maureen and Daniel have children?

He go back to the amish the stars have a child together, Emily Lynn, born February 16, 2022. Daniel took to social media shortly after her birth to share the happy news, noting that she weighed just under 8 pounds. He accompanied one post with a sweet photo of the newborn wrapped in her hospital blanket. As for Maureen, he celebrated Emily’s two-month milestone with a cute snap of her daughter. “Our precious girl,” the TLC star wrote. “We love you.”

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When did Maureen and Daniel start dating?

The couple began dating in February 2020, according to a Facebook update. Maureen took to Instagram soon after, posting photos of her and Daniel and writing: “Life is so much better with you. I love you.”

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Maureen had a crush on Daniel long before they took their relationship to the next level. “I’m in love with this really handsome guy,” she said of Daniel in a teaser clip posted ahead of the show’s season 6 premiere.

What is Maureen’s ‘Back to the Amish’ story?

Maureen was delighted to finally forge her own path, despite the opposition she faced along the way. She was looking forward to celebrating many “firsts” including a belly button piercing, enjoying a new romance, and a French kiss!

“Maureen is excited to experience the English world, and a budding relationship has the potential to help her acclimate even faster,” the press release said about her trip in the middle of her inaugural season of the show.

Back to Amish Are Daniel Maureen still together?

Maureen was afraid of leaving her Amish community behind, but she felt ready to see what the new world had to offer after being protected for so long. Her grandmother ada resided in Florida and supported her choice to start over, so Maureen planned to travel from Pennsylvania to Florida to live with a member of her extended family.

Rosana, Maureen’s friend, was also willing to take a leap of faith and leave her community in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, for the first time. The ladies found solace in each other as they made the big transition together.

And of course, it looks like Maureen and Daniel are still happy together!

FTA go back to the amish returns with season 7 on March 14, 2023.

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