Are 90 Day Fiance’s Asuelu and Winter Dating? Rumors

90 day fiance star blue pulaa responded to rumors that he is dating Chantel Everettthe little sister, winter everettafter being seen on a wild night.

“No, I’m not dating da Winter [sic]”the 27-year-old TLC personality responded via a TikTok Live session on Saturday, April 22. “Oh my gosh, nice.”

Asuelu was seen the night before in Atlanta, Georgia, along with other TLC personalities. chantel, Winter, everett river, jovi dufren and Yara Zaya in a lively disco. As the group enjoyed private bottle service, fans couldn’t help but notice Asuelu and Winter getting closer in the background of videos shared on social media, sparking major romance rumors.

They are the Asuelu 90 day fiancés and the winter dating rumors
Courtesy of Winter Everett/Instagram

While Asuelu denied a romantic connection with the family song alum, the status of his relationship with his wife limited customerIt has been something very debated by the fans.

While viewers haven’t seen the TLC couple on screen since the season premiere of 90 day diaries in March 2022, which ended with Kalani blocking her husband on social media, a lot has happened behind the scenes.

He 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After The couple first sparked split rumors in June 2022 after the Samoan native shared a lengthy message about why his wife wasn’t on social media.

“[She] I don’t want to join my Live, she doesn’t want to [to] Record TikTok with me. She is different from how she used to be. She doesn’t want to go out with me. Everything she needs, I give it to her, [especially] the guys,” he wrote in the caption of an Instagram video post of an old clip of him and Kalani dancing together.

That same month, In contact confirmed that the couple’s marital home in Washington, Utah, has been put up for sale. The five-bedroom, four-bathroom property, which was purchased by Kalani and her father Low, was initially listed for sale for $589,000, with the price later being reduced three times before landing at $499,999 on August 12, 2022. .

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Even as the mother of two “manifested” a move to California and eventually settling into a new home in The Golden State, Asuelu surprised her followers by catching a plane to Samoa. With Asuelu out of the country, Kalani continued to hint at a possible break with her husband.

“Life looks so different than what I had planned,” Kalani wrote in November 2022, along with a compilation of photos and videos of fun outings with her two sons. “Here it is for us to learn to go with the flow.”

However, after more than a month in Samoa, Asuelu was reunited with her children in a California hotel room in December 2022. Fans were curious as to why the family reunion took place in a hotel instead of the new one. Kalani’s property in California, and some speculated that Kalani was not there. However, in a separate post, Kalani’s voice can be heard asking the children, “Who is it?” as they excitedly open their hotel room door to look outside to find her father.

Days after the initial meeting, the couple continued to spark reconciliation rumors after posing for a since-deleted vacation photo alongside their children.

while the 90 day fiance The alumni have yet to comment on the status of their relationship in 2023, Kalani dodged a question about his relationship with Asuelu while participating in a Q&A with fans via his Instagram, when one person asked if “they are still together” and added: “Greetings from Hamburg, Germany.”

The television personality did not answer the question, instead commenting on where the fan lives. “The time change messed up my kids’ sleep schedule, so I’m really tired and hungry right now,” she said. “So I read it as, ‘Greetings from Hamburg, Germany.'”

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