Angelina Pivarnick Before and After: Plastic Surgery Photos

Angelina Pivarnick she has never shied away from expressing her opinions, and her past experience with plastic surgery is no exception.

Angelina voiced her interest in undergoing cosmetic work loud and clear as she spoke with page six in December 2020. At the time, he admitted that he preferred the method to exercise.

“I don’t do squats. I haven’t done a squat in years, and I’m not going to squat,” the reality star said at the time. “I took the easy path. Sorry I don’t care! Like, I’m going to be honest.”

At the beginning of that year, the The Jersey Shore star opened on search Dr. Juan Tutela‘s assistance for a butt lift procedure. He explained that the operation helps “add volume” to the hip region.

“I struggled with weight loss over the years and needed a plump butt,” she captioned an Instagram video of the surgery in June 2020, noting that Guardianship is “the best of the best.”

The EMT previously revealed that her past insecurities are what led to her going under the knife. “I was very insecure with my body because of the weight loss from the first two seasons of The Jersey Shore,” she said Lifestyle exclusively in May 2018. “I worked hard on my body and realized that my breasts were sagging tremendously. I knew I had to do something to change my insecurity, so I texted him. [my former Jersey Shore costar] nicole [Polizzi]He is a plastic surgeon, Dr. Tutela.”

She added: “I call it ‘Hands of a God.’ She helped me in such a big way. Now I am happy with my body. I say if a woman wants to have plastic surgery, do it. I love my new look.”

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Of her many procedures, Angelina revealed that her favorite was her breasts.

“My boobies are my favorite part of my body now thanks to @tutelaps,” she wrote via Instagram in February 2020. “Anyone looking for a doctor who knows what he’s doing he’s your guy! I never had surgery in my life until this and let me tell you I would do it again because he is that amazing. He makes you feel like family. He even asked me what kind of music he wanted to listen to before putting me under the anesthetic.”

She told fans who are “nervous about the surgery” to “not worry” because the “results will speak for themselves.”

That same month, the Staten Island, New York native shared videos and photos of her nose job appointment on Instagram. In her post, she praised her plastic surgeon, calling him the “best ever.” She also shared graphic images of her recovery after undergoing a nose job, showing off her blackened eyes and bloody bandages. Having previously denied having plastic surgery, it appears that Angelina has had a change of heart on the matter, as she is extremely transparent with her fans.

Scroll down to see how Angelina’s look has changed over the years.

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