Angela, SojaBoy Feud Amid Michael Split Rumors

Gloves were out when it came to 90 day fiance stars Angela considers and Usman “SojaBoy” UmarThe feud on social media in February 2022, which sparked rumors that she separated from her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, almost a year before In contact confirmed that they ended in January 2023.

Angela and SojaBoy’s on-camera feud actually started in April 2021. At the time, they both appeared in a discovery episode + spin-off 90 days naked everyone.

He Maury student called SojaBoy a “scammer” for his marriage and divorce from his ex Lisa “Lisa Girl” Robinson (née Hamme), claiming she gave Nigerians a “bad name”. She also insulted her music, saying, “You sound like shit when you sing.” She also said that she and her husband Michael were not “fans” of SojaBoy.

SojaBoy did not take kindly to the comments, telling Angela that she knew “nothing” and insulting her. “If you ask me a question, you have to turn that pig off so you can hear me,” SojaBoy said. 90 days naked everyone host –Shaun Robinson. “She can’t be talking nonsense and you just keep me here.”

Nearly a year later, drama resurfaced between Angela and SojaBoy and involved Angela’s Nigerian husband, Michael, and rumors of the couple’s possible separation.

Before joining the show, Michael and Angela had separate Instagram accounts. Once they made their debut, fans learned that Michael’s Instagram was a bone of contention between him and Angela because Michael mostly followed women and responded to comments and direct messages from him. Angela didn’t trust Michael after she admitted to cheating on her early on in her long-distance relationship, so she had Michael deactivate her personal Instagram account and Angela turned her account into Michael’s joint account. and Angela.

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However, Michael reactivated his personal Instagram account and became active on it in January 2022. After that, Angela also changed the joint account to a personal account. Fans noted that Michael and Angela were not following each other on their personal accounts at the time.

After reactivating his personal account, Michael linked up with SojaBoy and they documented their February 2022 meeting on their respective Instagrams. When the Georgia native found out that her husband was dating SojaBoy after her nasty fight nearly a year earlier, she took to her own Instagram to share her thoughts on her newfound friendship and sparked a heated exchange between the two. 90 day fiance co-stars

Little did fans know, their heated exchanges took place just as cameras began rolling for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 5. Angela and Michael returned to the cast, along with SojaBoy and their long-distance love, Kimberly “Kim” Menzies. He later confirmed his split from SojaBoy during the Season 7 reveal.

As viewers watched the drama unfold over Michael’s Instagram account on his story with Angela in season 5, neither Angela, Michael nor SojaBoy made any reference to each other or their fight on social media on the show.

So how exactly did all the drama happen, and in what order? Keep yesscrolling below for a full timeline on Angela and SojaBoy’s feud.

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