Amy Slaton ‘Scared’ for Tammy Marriage

Family friction? 1000 sister pounds star amy slaton admitted that she felt insecure about her sister tammy slatonmarriage with husband caleb willingham.

In a clip from next Tuesday, March 14, an episode obtained by us weeklyTammy, 36, asked Amy, 35, if she would be her bridesmaid at her wedding during a FaceTime call.

“I was your bridesmaid and wedding planner, whatever you want to call it, and I wanted to know if you would return the favor and do my wedding. Be my bridesmaid, above all,” Tammy asked her younger sister.

Although she eventually agreed to do the job, Amy responded by telling her sister, “It’s terrible soon, sis.”

“I’m ready to do this for you, I am. It’s just that I have a lot to do with Glenn and Gage,” the mother of two, who she shares her 2-year-old and 8-month-old son with her estranged husband. michael halterman she told Tammy on the call.

Amy Slaton Grandpa Murder

However, Tammy did not appreciate Amy’s response and opened up during her confessional about her sister’s comments.

“I did everything for Amy’s wedding,” the TLC personality recalled. “I ordered the decorations, I chose the food, the place, the music, the atmosphere. So I’d like you to return the favor. I am well aware that Amy has two beautiful children, and while the babies are sleeping, she may be on the Internet looking for party supplies. …So, no excuses, bitch [sic].”

For her part, Amy explained on camera why she was worried about Tammy’s future.

“I’m really trying to give Tammy everything she wanted in a wedding, but I’m really scared it’s going to end up being a sham,” she confessed. “What if you end up going home and realize you just don’t want to get married after all? Once they get home and reality sets in, who knows what will happen?

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Tammy met Caleb in November 2021 at the Ohio rehab center where they both lived for their obesity and health issues. Less than a year later, they got engaged in October 2022 and married the following month.

Despite her comments, Amy expressed a more positive opinion of her new brother-in-law in February 2023 during an interview with AND! News.

“I’m happy to have another brother!” the reality TV star told the outlet that month. “When she first told me that she was dating Caleb, I was like, ‘That’s good.’ Maybe they can team up and motivate each other in a way that we couldn’t motivate her as a family because they are in similar situations.”

As for Amy, the TLC personality reportedly split from her husband earlier this year. However, she has not publicly commented on the reports.

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