Amy Slaton Gives Tammy Marriage Advice Before Divorce

Sharing insight. 1000 sister pounds star amy slaton he gave his sister tammy slaton marriage advice just four months before her separated husband, michael haltermanShe filed for divorce.

Fans watched Tammy, 36, get married caleb willingham during the season 4 finale on Tuesday, March 21.

Before the ceremony, Tammy asked Amy, 35, if she had any marriage advice for her and Caleb, 39.

“Just speak calmly and rationally,” the TLC star said.

The mother-of-two gave more details during a confessional. “Communication is important in a relationship,” Amy told the cameras. “If you don’t talk, it builds up and it’s toxic.”

“Tammy needs to learn how to talk the s**t,” she said of her older sister before adding, “Well, Tammy needs to learn to shut the s**t up and let Caleb do some talking.”

Amy shared her marriage advice just four months before Michael, 39, filed for divorce on March 13, 2023. The mill operator filed for dissolution of marriage with children against his estranged wife, according to Kentucky court records seen by In contact.

The couple have two sons, Gage, who they welcomed in November 2020, and Glenn, who was born in July 2022.

Michael filed for divorce just three weeks after split rumors began circulating between him and Amy. The speculation started when Sun reported that the television personality has moved out of their shared home in Kentucky with his children. Furthermore, it was revealed that Amy moved in with Tammy in the midst of her marital problems.

Tammy and Caleb’s wedding aired four months after they tied the knot in November 2022.

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After meeting at an Ohio-based weight loss center, the couple got engaged in October 2022.

“So today I decided to cook something up for Tammy,” Caleb said of the proposal during a March 2023 episode. “I’m getting everyone together, our friends, even the staff, and at this point she knows something’s up because why? what’s in the parking lot? She starts shaking a little bit and turns red and does everything that’s absolutely adorable to me about her.”

1000-Lb Sisters' Amy Slaton Gives Sister Tammy Slaton Marriage Advice 4 Months Before Divorce
Courtesy of Amy Slaton/Instagram

The Kentucky native happily accepted the proposal and even admitted to being speechless “for once.”

As her family wondered if they were running down the hall because she was pregnant, Tammy explained that she wasn’t pregnant. Instead, they wanted to get married on the premises so that her friends could attend.

“The people here would like to come, my friends, the family we’ve made here,” Tammy explained.

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