Amy Slaton Back in Former Kentucky Home

1000 sister pounds star amy slaton moved back to her Kentucky home with her two sons, Gage and Glenn, amid her messy divorce from her estranged husband michael halterman.

The TLC personality, 35, took to TikTok to share videos of her children playing with each other on the property she apparently shared with her ex-husband, 40, before their separation on February 24, 2023.

“Brothers playing together,” Amy captioned a video clip as she gave viewers a panoramic view of her living room. In another video, the YouTube star recorded her eldest son, 2, showing off her dance moves.

The TLC personality, who shares her two children with her ex, is in the midst of a divorce from her husband of four years, In contact previously confirmed.

1000lb sisters Amy Slaton return to old Kentucky home
Courtesy of Amy Slaton/Instagram

One of the first signs of trouble in the marriage came in February 2023 when Amy reportedly moved out of the Kentucky home they shared with their children. At that time, it was reported that Amy moved in with her sister. tammy slatonwho lived in a house that used to belong to his family.

Michael filed for dissolution of marriage against Amy on March 13, according to Kentucky court records obtained exclusively by In contact. At the time of the filing, a judge ordered that the former couple share temporary joint custody of their two children, along with a schedule that will allow both Amy and Michael to “maximize the amount of parenting time available.”

There will be no personal transfers between the parents, however, as Michael also filed for a civil restraining order that would require both parties to stay more than 500 feet from each other or each other’s residences. The restraining order would also prohibit the reality TV couple from making public statements or posting on social media about their divorce. Any communication between them must be through a court-approved application.

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The father-of-two’s request came after Amy reportedly filed an emergency protective order against him on February 28, following an alleged fight that turned violent, according to Sun. The protection order was later modified on March 8 to allow Michael to visit his children while he was accompanied by his mother and his sister, the outlet reported.

The court paperwork gave Michael permission to “enter your marital residence at an agreed upon date and time to retrieve your clothing, paperwork, and personal effects.” Michael “had no objection” to an outside supervisor during his time at the facility.

Amy and the mill operator were high school sweethearts then married in 2019. After welcoming son Gage in November 2020, the couple were considering taking a step back from filming the reality series to focus on being new parents.

“If they reduce my hours, I’ll probably be fine,” Amy said. Sun in February 2022. “I like the team better, filming can be stressful, you are there all day and you have to say things over and over again. I love the relationship with the team. But it’s stressful right now, he [Gage] needs a lot of attention.”

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