Alana Thompson Slams Trolls Who Called Her ‘Trashy’: Response

Without holding back alana thompson, who is also known as honey boo boo, applauded trolls who criticized her as “trash”.

During a TikTok Live video posted on Tuesday, April 18, 17-year-old Alana addressed social media users who criticized her in previous posts.

“Before you come here trying to say something rude, make sure you say it right, the right way, because it didn’t even make sense,” he began. “Why would you watch a show that is garbage?”

The reality star continued: “Anyone who comes here and says something rude [inaudible]…and I give it to them”.

Alana is no stranger to taking on her enemies. In March, mom junethe youngest daughter of reacted to videos of his accent after they began circulating online.

“Actually I’m going to start talking like this… OK. Because everyone thinks I’m so ghetto, I’m going to show them how to fucking ghetto,” she said in the opening clip.

After she posted the video, several social media users were quick to call out Alana and react to the way she patted her head throughout the video.

“No, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone!” he Here comes baby boo boo alum wrote via his Instagram Stories on March 26. “I did this because people frequently comment on how ‘ghetto’ my speech is. What I feel in no way I do. I feel like I’m the real me.”

Alana went on to explain that she filmed the video in an attempt to “roll everyone back,” adding that she was “proving a point to the Karens who love to have an opinion on everything.”

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The TV personality defended the clip just four days before it was revealed that her older sister Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson blasts trolls who called her 'trash': 'It didn't even make sense'
Courtesy of Alana Thompson/TikTok

just a few hours later TMZ reported the news, Alana confirmed Anna’s diagnosis through her Instagram Stories.

“[And] This is what I mean when I say you never really know what someone at home is going through, no matter how famous they are,” the teen wrote alongside a screenshot of the video. TMZ article. “Yes, I am very famous, but normal shit happens to me and my family. [and] everyone needs to realize that as soon as possible.”

June, 43, later took to Facebook to share an update on Anna, 28. “This has been a very emotional journey for the family, but we stick together, me, Justin and Josh are doing everything we can to be there for Anna. Marie Cardwell and Eldridge Toney and the girls through this journey, please pray for all of us, especially your girls, we appreciate them so much. [sic]”, he wrote at the time.

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