‘90 Day Fiance’: Veronica Rodriguez Bikini Photos: Swimsuit Pictures

Spicy! pillow talk star Veronica Rodriguez may not have had an international love story featured in 90 day fiance but that hasn’t stopped viewers from falling in love with the Cuban beauty. While her close connection to her ex-fiancé, Tim Malcolm, may have gotten him in trouble with his then-girlfriend, a native of Colombia Jennifer Tarazonain Before 90 daysThe pair’s undeniable chemistry and complementary humor have made them fan favorites on the spin-off.

And while the duo have shut down any rumors of rekindling their old romance, her sexy bikini-clad appearance may make him think twice about his decision.

The fierce influencer is not only beautiful, but is also known for her candid comments and has shown that she is not afraid to tell it like it is in any aspect of life.

“Wear the bikini, wear the shorts, ignore anyone who impedes your pursuit of happiness,” she captioned a July 2021 photo of her in a red, white and blue bikini. “Enjoy celebrating with your family and friends! We’ve been apart too long, so make sure you show up!!”

Veronica’s identification with viewers has led to her being beloved within the franchise and she keeps it real as she shares her life with her more than 337,000 Instagram followers.

“It’s so funny when I think about how often success is measured by bigger number = bigger hit,” the North Carolina native wrote in an unedited June 2021 bikini selfie. “A 100 on a test it is better than a 50, a big bank account is better than a small one; We often define our success with big numbers, so why do we let a bigger pant size or a higher number on the scale slow us down?

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TLC’s personality is also an avid yoga enthusiast and stays in shape by practicing the craft both indoors and outdoors. Veronica has shared that documenting her fitness journey “motivates her.”

“Sometimes dehydration or lack of sleep can make me feel weak in a class,” she captioned a mirror selfie in January 2019. progress and propel me forward. Sharing my journey with all of you is also a great motivation and holds me accountable.”

Fans got to see more of Veronica during season 3 of 90 days: the single life where she ignited her love life, while also trying to juggle her close co-parenting relationship with Tim.

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