’90 Day Fiance’ Stars Who Are Friends After Filming

While many people have found romantic love in the 90 day fiance franchise, others found friends while documenting their relationships on television.

A friendship that began after the stars made their reality debut is between caleb green forest, which appeared in season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before 90 Daysand 90 day fiance 5 star season david toborowsky and his wife, Annie Toborowsky.

The group shared a glimpse of their friendship by posting a video via Instagram on January 1, 2022, of them partying at a New Year’s Eve celebration the night before. The video began with David explaining that he ran into Caleb at the party. He then turned the camera around to capture Annie and a group of friends dancing through the night.

Three months later, in April, the TLC personalities met again in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona, when they enjoyed “tinga de pollo tacos” together. Caleb took to Instagram to share a photo of the reunion and even promoted the couple’s spinoff. David and Annie: after the 90 daysin the caption.

Another friendship that grew out of the franchise is between 90 days: the single life season 3 co-stars Tanya Maduro and tiffany frank.

The women have documented their time together on social media, even going on a road trip together in October 2022. At the time of the trip, Tania shared a video of the friends driving a car on their way to Atlanta, Georgia. . As Tiffany drove, Tania asked her social media followers for restaurant and activity recommendations.

Another friendship that was formed is between thai ramona and mission bell, who appeared in season 9 of the flagship series in 2022.

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In August 2022, Miona was by Thais’s side at her baby shower as she was expecting baby number 1 with her husband, patrick mendes. The couple welcomed their daughter, Aleesi, in November 2022.

“I am so proud of you my girl! We did a lot in less than a year, moving to the US, getting married, going on a reality show, starting our businesses and brands! AND NOW YOU ARE PREGNANT!” Miona wrote via Instagram along with a photo of her friends at the celebration in August 2022. “This unique journey we’ve been on is something that will always keep you connected! I can’t wait to meet our little girl! I love you.”

Keep scrolling to see which stars of 90 day fiance they have become friends off screen.

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