‘1000-Lb. Sisters’: Tammy, Caleb Relationship Timeline

She is in love! 1000 sister pounds star tammy slaton You may have finally found her happily ever after after meeting her. caleb willingham while at the same weight loss rehab center in Ohio.

While Tammy was initially scheduled to go home, her stay at the facility was extended due to a severe tracheostomy infection. While the Kentucky native was upset with the change in plans, which led to a major break with her family, she later said it “happened for a reason” when she met Caleb during that time.

“Caleb is someone I’ve been getting to know for the last two weeks,” Tammy told producers during the March 7 episode. “Caleb has been here for almost a year and he’s only now starting to leave his room because he had health issues.”

After their initial meeting, the pair developed a flirtatious relationship and quickly began dating, sharing their first kiss.

“When you kiss the person you’re in love with, the whole world is supposed to move,” Caleb said in a later scene. “That is exactly what happened.”

While Caleb said that he initially leaned in for a little kiss, he said that Tammy “searched for what she wanted.”

“He leans in to kiss me and boom, sparks fly,” she continued as the YouTube personality blushed beside her during their joint confession. “She hits the controller on my electric chair, which I left on. The next thing I know, my entire wheelchair was thrown forward and I was shot straight at it.”

While the couple had only known each other for a short time, Caleb proposed to Tammy in October 2022, a source said. Sun and the couple walked down the aisle that November.

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“Everyone knew me as Tammy Slaton, but now everyone will know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham,” she said. People At the time. “I’m married now!”

She later told the publication that the wedding day itself was “perfect.” “There was so much love in the room,” Tammy said. At the time, the network also announced the newlywed couple’s marriage and teased that their wedding would be featured on the show.

“Congratulations are in order! Tammy Slaton has married her boyfriend Caleb Willingham,” the caption read next to photos of the couple at her wedding. Tammy looked gorgeous in her white dress and tiara, while Caleb dressed for the occasion in a black shirt and brown suspenders.

The post also featured Tammy’s sister, amy slatonwho was also present at the nuptials.

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