‘1000-Lb Sisters’ Caleb Willingham Weight Loss: Photos

1000 sister pounds star caleb willingham He is known for his relationship with his wife, tammy slatonbut the newlyweds met on their respective weight loss journeys.

“I’ve always been a bigger guy, and that’s because I’ve always had a sweet tooth,” Caleb told the producers of the hit TLC show during the March 7, 2023 episode. “It’s always been a weakness, especially in times of stress”.

Caleb went on to say that his mother’s passing, when he was only 17, “destroyed” him. He proceeded to gain a lot of weight after her death.

“And my dad passed away in 2006. I thought it was all going to end because at that point, it seemed like they had taken all the people I loved,” the TLC rookie confessed, detailing that his heaviest weight was over 700 pounds. . “He was in the background.”

After checking into the Ohio rehab center known for treating Tammy, who has been on camera since January 2020, she lost over 200 pounds and now weighs around 480 pounds.

Caleb later admitted that his best friend’s wife found Tammy on social media and that seeing her weight loss process was motivation to get serious about her own health.

“Not just about you, but about this place, in general,” he told his wife during a later scene. “I just heard how well someone could do it. I said, ‘Hey, I can do this too.’”

In her own confessional, Tammy admitted that Caleb’s internet research “might be a little stalkerish, but I’m not mad at him.”

While Caleb had been a patient at the facility for nearly a year, he did not meet Tammy until later in his stay, as he remained confined to his room due to health issues.

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After striking up a connection, Tammy and Caleb got engaged within a month of dating and were married in a sunflower-themed wedding at the weight loss center.

Since getting married, Tammy said the couple “support each other wholeheartedly” in their respective weight loss journeys.

“When he’s having trouble eating because he’s bored or emotional eating, he comes to me and we talk about it,” Tammy said. us weekly in February 2023. “The same thing happens to me and I talk to him. We talk about our problems and why we feel that way. We are true partners.”

Keep scrolling to see photos of 1000 sister pounds Weight loss transformation from star Caleb Willingham.

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