1000-Lb Sisters’ Amy Slams Josh Amid Michael Divorce

She’s not having it. 1000 sister pounds star amy slaton apparently closed Bachelorette party alum jose seiterProgress in the midst of her divorce from her husband michael halterman.

“Go away I don’t want to be with you I have a man stop being a weird stalker [sic]read a message Josh claimed to have received from Amy on Wednesday, April 5. “U ra influence hunter [sic].”

According to screenshots shared by Josh the next day, he responded by saying, “I just want to meet you Amy.”

“Just give me a chance to show that I can be the man you need in your life,” he added. Please don’t listen to what people say about me. I’m a good guy with a good heart.”

The alleged messages were shared on Josh’s Instagram story on Thursday, April 7, just one day after Josh revealed that he had traveled to Dixon, Kentucky to take the TLC star “on a date.” After sharing screenshots of their alleged conversation, Josh claimed to be “heartbroken.”

“I never thought Amy would respond like that. I was just trying to do something nice for her,” he shared via her Instagram story.

Courtesy of Josh Seiter/Instagram

Josh’s attempts to woo the former YouTube personality come just weeks later. In contact exclusively confirmed that he was dating love after lockdown alum Glorietta Kisses.

“We spent five to six weeks getting to know each other through phone calls and FaceTimes and I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone before, at least as long as I can remember,” he said. In contact in March. “Our chemistry was even better in person and she is hot. Like drop dead beautiful. The day after dinner I decided to make it official and asked her to be my girlfriend. Of course she said yes.”

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After discovering that Josh had been messaging Amy, Glorietta confirmed their split via Instagram stating that she “blocked Josh”.

“Last time we broke up, he was telling everyone that we are still together and that we have an open relationship. [sic]”, he shared on April 3. “I’m afraid he only has his own best interest at hand and a relationship should be a team effort.”

As for Amy, she and Michael were high school sweethearts before getting married in March 2019. The couple welcomed their first son, Gage, in November 2020, before second baby Glenn was joined. to the family in July 2022. Amy reportedly moved out of the family home with her two children in February before Michael filed for dissolution of marriage with children on March 13, 2023, In contact confirmed at the time.

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