1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy, Michael Relationship Timeline

Not meant to be! 1000 sister pounds star amy slaton and michael halterman gave fans a glimpse of their romance for the first time as they made their reality TV debut in 2020.

The couple met when Amy was a teenager in high school and it seems they started dating around 2015. They tied the knot on March 15, 2019 during a ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee.

The Kentucky native gushed about her husband during the series premiere in January 2020. “My husband Michael, he means the world to me. Michael and I are newlyweds, but we’ve been together for four years now,” she said at the time. “I can tell you anything and everything. And Michael really supports me in helping Tammy.”

Amy and Michael became parents when they welcomed baby number 1, Gage, in November 2020.

During a February 2021 episode of 1000 sister pounds, Amy reflected on having to undergo an emergency C-section during Gage’s birth. “Gage was still in the breech position, so I ultimately had to have a C-section,” she explained. “And then they took him to daycare to do some tests because he had low blood sugar, because he did.”

In January 2022, the couple announced that they would be expanding their family and that they were expecting their second child.

“Gage will be a big brother in July 2022,” the YouTuber shared at the time. The ad featured a photo of Gage in overalls that read, “I’m going to be a big brother in 2022.”

The fourth member of the family, a son named Glenn, was born later on July 5, 2022.

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Amy has clearly become a mother of two and regularly shares adorable photos of her children via Instagram. Shortly after Glenn’s birth, she gushed about the sibling bond, saying Gage was already the “best big brother” on July 19.

Split rumors about Amy and Michael began circulating in February 2023 when Amy reportedly moved out of their shared home in Kentucky with her children.according Sun. Also, it was reported that Amy moved in with her sister. tammy slaton.

Three weeks later, In contact confirmed that Michael filed for divorce on March 13, 2023. According to divorce documents obtained exclusively by In contactMichael was the petitioner and cited their date of separation as February 24.

Keep scrolling to take a look at Amy and Michael’s relationship timeline before their divorce.

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